Photos Show Frail Bapes Bapes After Only a Day in Jail

Bapes out1Posted on Facebook with the remarks “this father does not look good”, rare photos capture the happy reunion of the Secondary Education minister Louis Bapes Bapes with family and friends following his release from jail.

Bapes out of jailThe minister spent only a day behind bars but one photo shows a pale face with sunken temples sitting of a couch draped in cream-white covering that look like it the work of a funeral home.

In another, a downcast Bapes is seen receiving a hug from a woman, with a pastor far in the background. An them, he appears to be trying to catch something and is captured in a clumsy choirmaster pose.

He wore a blue sweatshirt and what looks like a track pant with a red band running along the sides. At first site, his outfit resamples the uniform of the fire brigade.

Bapes was released from jail as suddenly as he was arrested. He spent the night at the Kondengui Central Prison. But he did not look particularly happy back home.

Bapes out outThe minister has not commented on his release. It was also unclear if charges of embezzlement brought against him had been dropped.

At a news conference shortly after Bapes was let out of jail, the minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma confirmed Bapes was being probed over the disappearance of money at his ministry.

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